Corporate Limos

A quality business deserves an excellent limo service.

As one of most respected and widely-used limousine companies, we at US and Canada understand the need for companies to have access to a professional and reliable corporate limo service.

For the sake of your valuable time, AiRoute Limo also believes that it is vital to pre-book any limousine service. We make this easy for our clients by providing a range of booking options.

Maximize reliability and comfort by pre-booking a quality service

If you’re traveling for work, organizing an event or attending a crucial meeting, there is nothing worse than a taxi that doesn’t turn up. Taxi companies can be overbooked, especially around peak times like Christmas, New Year’s Eve or special events, making them unreliable, even if you call ahead. We understand how frustrating this can be!

By booking with a professional corporate limo service with like AiRoute Limo, you’re guaranteed to have your vehicle arrive in time to pick you up. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the city or at the international airport, we’ll be there waiting for you. We also ensure a swift transition from one destination to another. With that guarantee, you can be sure to trust us to drive you anywhere you need to go.

We also understand how uncomfortable taxi services can be. That is why we provide our customers with a range of sleek and luxurious limos to choose from. When you travel with a world-class corporate limousine service, you will receive nothing but maximum comfort and quality assured driving.

It is important to ensure you make the right impression

When it comes to business, so if you have an important client flying into US or Canada airport to meet you why not make sure they are brought to your door in style in one of our corporate limousines?

Of course, you can also enjoy the service yourself and arrive at the airport feeling refreshed and relaxed, and ready for your flight. We have a wide range of luxury Limo’s to get you from A to B in comfort and style, including the Lincoln Town Car and the Lincoln stretch Limo if you need to accommodate more people. We can also be ready and waiting for you when you return.

Our limo based business is renowned for its outstanding service and we pride ourselves on the level of attention and care we offer to all our clients, past and present. You will also be impressed by our prices, which we make sure are consistently among the best in the business.

Corporate rates

When you pre-book with a quality corporate limo service with AiRoute Limo, you are given access to the best available corporate rates.

We offer businesses a discount for using our limousine services. It’s our thanks for choosing to use us as your corporate limo provider.

Reduce the hassle and stress

The organization is the key to having the perfect transport waiting for you at your office, hotel or airport. We AiRoute Limo are here to help organize it for you!

Imagine the scene; you or your employees are desperately trying to find transport after coming off a late-night flight. You’re tired, frustrated, and nervous about an upcoming meeting, or simply keen to hit the ground running and get on with business. The last thing you need is to be trying to navigate a bus timetable in an unfamiliar city. Nor do you want to be dragging luggage to a taxi rank, which may or may not have cars available.

Help yourself and the productivity of your employees by booking with a professional limo service AiRoute Limo. Our professional chauffeur will greet you from your flight, assist with any luggage and ensure that the drive is a relaxing one. You, your employees or even high priority clients can travel in comfort to their destination.

With the professionals at AiRoute Limo to help you, this ideal limo service can become a reality.

Ease of payment

When you pre-book with a world-class, professional limousine service, you are able to pay in a way which suits you. With AiRoute Limo, we offer our business customers a range of ways to pre-pay for their corporate limousine service.